Showing what you’ve got

Why do I photograph what I photograph? Part of the reason is to show others my work. Yet, despite this, how often do I really show other people what I have done? How do people get to see my images? I haven’t printed any – not even the ones I really like. I don’t exhibit them. Of course, that’s more a case of not having good enough images for somebody to want to exhibit, but have I ever tried? I don’t have a personal website to which I can direct people. I don’t tend to e-mail images to friends and family. All I have is my Flickr account. So, despite wanting to show others my work, it seems I don’t really do a lot about it, do I?

Why is this? Procrastination and fear I suspect (leaving aside practical constraints which, in fact, might just be excuses). In part, that is why I decided to set up ‘This way of light’ blog. It is the first step along the path to overcoming these inhibitors. Putting myself ‘out there’, opening myself up to criticism and, hopefully, learning from it. 2010 marks the beginning of my ‘3 year plan’ to promoting my landscape photography. Am I kidding myself? Why should people want to look at my images more than anyone else’s – yours for example? The point is this – if you don’t show what you’ve got, people won’t know you’ve got it. It’s time to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and seek to achieve.

My ‘3 year plan’ includes then:

  • setting up a website of my photos
  • using competitions and magazine publications as a way of inspiration and promotion of my work
  • finding somewhere to exhibit
  • selling my images

In subsequent posts, I’ll deal with these in more detail and pick out a few more concrete goals. I’ll also track my progress. If you have any goals you want to achieve, now is the time to try – after all, now is really all there is.


~ by paulsidle on January 1, 2010.

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