Feeling cool

Maybe one year ago, I’d have happily posted the image below on Flickr and eagerly awaited comments. Things have changed since then and I feel I have moved on. It’s probably true that one year ago I probably wouldn’t have taken this image, but that’s not the point I want to make here. Rather, it’s that I am aiming to be more critical and discerning about what I offer up as my work for people to look at. I think this photo is ok – but it’s just a bit predictable don’t you think?

The lead-in lines work to a degree but where do they lead to? Straight out of the frame! The frost and moss on the log were what originally attracted me to this scene, as did the setting sunlight striking the grass against which it rests. The trees too had a beautiful copper glow and, moments earlier, there was even a solitary white cloud that I was too slow to incorporate into the frame. Maybe with it, I’d feel differently. It’s a pleasant scene that probably would be fine as a postcard or something similar. But, as it is, I am cool towards this picture. It’s lacking movement around the frame thanks to those lead-in/lead-out lines and beyond the log, there’s not much grabbing the attention. The background too looks a little hazy, probably because I don’t have a polarizer for my wide-angle lens. Maybe I should have concentrated more on an intimate landscape of the frost and moss?

In the end, I know the area has potential and I’ll be returning to it no doubt. But ‘it will do’ is not my mantra and hopefully it’s not yours either. I hope I’ve become a little more willing to take a harder look at my images and not be so quick to compromise. Who knows – maybe next year I’ll look back on my current work and think: why on earth did I show that?


~ by paulsidle on January 3, 2010.

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