The inner peace of the landscape photographer…

Pen Ponds lie within the bounds of Richmond Park, my local haunt. The park is beautiful but I admit that it doesn’t always come easy to me to find the right view. While the images I make may often seek to portray a scene of peaceful beauty, behind the camera I can often be heard muttering away, lamenting yet another poor choice of time, place or light. Yet, somehow, sometimes, they turn out ok. What I would like, however,is to feel more relaxed with myself when photographing. It’s a gradual process and I hope it will come as I progress. Until then, I’ll try to keep my voice down and radiate calm…

This photo took me some time to achieve. Firstly, I struggled to find an interesting foreground element around the pond. This was probably not helped by my increasing frustration at feeling I was missing a golden opportunity with the light which had appeared after a dull, cloudy afternoon. Not quite having worked out how long to expose when using my 10 stop filter (adding a bit extra or taking off a little for the effect I’m looking for) meant that several attempts were – put simply – botched. So much for the inner peace of the landscape photographer! Perhaps it shows in my photos? In any event, I understand I will help myself more by letting go and relaxing. It’s finding the balance with being self critical and getting annoyed. The former can help you improve, the latter will just hold you back. Another lesson learnt out in the open.


~ by paulsidle on January 8, 2010.

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