The Art of Criticism

I just came across this short blog by David Ward on the art of criticism and thought it might be of interest: The Art of Criticism. Having asked for and received a book for Christmas on this topic (which I will review in due course in my Enlightenment through reading category) it is a topic I’m quite interested in at the moment. In the comments section to the article, there’s also a quote, apparently by George Bernard Shaw, about critics which I quite like:

“It is not the job of the critic to say whether he was or was not amused. It is his job to say WHY he was or was not amused.”

I think this quote and the blog in general are helpful in learning how to critique another’s work and warn of the dangers of simply saying how you would have taken the image, rather than expressing how the image made you feel. I am, this year, trying to improve my skills at critiquing. It’s an aim I feel will ultimately help me to produce better images. In fact, part of me feels that it is a mark of respect to other photographers to make the effort to improve one’s skills at writing criticism. In turn, I think that by being better at critiquing an image and by having my work properly critiqued, I can only improve as a photographer. Ultimately, I feel it will help me to understand the impact my images have on other people and allow me to gain greater control over what I express.

So, what do you think?


~ by paulsidle on January 23, 2010.

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