Getting organised

The other day I finally sent off 3 prints to Black & White photography magazine with the hope that they might publish them. Of course, it is entirely probable that they won’t but without trying, how will you know? The goals I set myself will only be achieved by trying, so here goes. The images are a set of 3 that I took while in Norfolk at Cromer beach one stormy evening towards the end of last year. I have also entered an image into the Guardian iStock photography competition. This time a colour image taken in Norfolk near Bacton beach. You can find them on my Flickr stream if you are interested.

I have been trying out my Epson R2880 printer and have to say the print quality is incredible. I’m slowly learning to tweak things to get the result I want but can see there is rather a lot to learn to get the best out of it. No doubt as I improve I will spot further areas for improvement.

I need to decide on more places to seek publication. I hope, at some point, to approach some local businesses perhaps to see if they might be interested in displaying my images. I may produce a small range of local greeting cards, though I’ve noticed that most cards that seem to sell (based on those I buy and receive!) tend not to be of landscapes or seascapes. But, I’ll investigate before dismissing it!

See this update!


~ by paulsidle on February 19, 2010.

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