Weybourne in Norfolk is a pebbly beach and has a deep sea shelf that on stormy days such as when this was taken can give rise to enormous waves. On this evening, the power of the waves crashing down from some 20-30 feet was energising while at the same time producing a degree of fear at its uncompromising force. I felt rather reticent┬áto get too close on this occasion and stood a respectful distance away. A small group of walkers stood close by also in awe.┬áThis image aims to portray a sense of the bleakness – and perhaps confrontation – of that wet and blustery evening and the relentless march of those metronome-like waves. Sometimes nature makes me feel connected and part of something larger; other times, it makes me feel isolated, alone and exposed, if not insignificant. I think it’s because it is so impersonal. That’s how I felt on this evening.

I consciously avoided having much of a foreground element in this image. It’s a straightforward, uncomplicated composition. You might even think it uninteresting at first glance and perhaps it’s not the sort of image that will capture people’s attention from the start. However, I feel this is also its strength as, or at least this is what I find, it draws you in until you can almost hear the waves and the rush of the pebbles beneath the water’s force.


~ by paulsidle on March 1, 2010.

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