Burton Bradstock

Burton Bradstock, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

This image was taken at Burton Bradstock which lies on Dorset’s Jurassic coast. It is a long exposure of what was a serene sunset silhouetting the rock face and revealing the soft hues that evening. I chose a landscape format as I thought that was best suited for the shape of the shoreline, but also as I was conscious not to shoot always in portrait! The raw file was cleaned for dust and dirt spots (I really need to get my sensor cleaned – it’s filthy and I spend a lot of time afterwards having to clean up each image!) with a slight reduction of blacks and increase in exposure to reveal more detail. There were some blown highlights in the sunset sky, but the recovery slider mostly sorted those out. Finally, the tiff file was slightly adjusted for curves to lighten overall and another curve to darken the clouds; I then applied a subtle warm-up filter to correct for the coolness.
What I like about the composition is how the rocks point you in the direction of the shoreline and to the cliffs which lead the eye to the soft colours in the sky and the reflective qualities of the sea. It was such a peaceful evening and I even saw a man in a powered paraglider flying low over the sea before rising up into the evening light. In fact, I saw him again the next night! He must have had some incredible views.
The Jurassic coast – of which I saw only a fraction – was quite stunning and I am keen to return. There’s something about the coast that I love, perhaps its endless possibilities and the sense of longing I often get by it. I tried a series of moonlight exposures too which I may post if I they are acceptable! I even got my usual ‘boot full’ when a wave – in an otherwise flat and tranquil sea – crept up on me from nowhere beneath the moon glow. Still, it wouldn’t be the same if I returned from a shoot by the shore without sodden shoes and trousers…

~ by paulsidle on May 31, 2010.

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