Uncovering potential

Tree bark, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

This is not a new image. I took this quite some time ago. It took the prompt of entering a competition to finally see its potential. The image itself was taken in the Isabella Plantation of Richmond Park and is of the bark of a black cherry tree I think. I was attracted by the patterns and texture of the bark. The duotone B&W treatment, for me, almost makes me think of Jupiter and its Great Red Spot. It is becoming one of my favourite images in fact.

I also chose to put this on my blog as it’s an example of a different sort of landscape photography that I have been thinking about recently (albeit taken long before I started thinking in this way!). I am hoping to explore the ‘internal landscape’ as some might put it – the intimate details of the elements in the landscape, rather than the broad vista as a whole. I recently visited Dorset where I felt the desire to do so and was attracted by a blue rock with wonderful swirling patters on it, accentuated by the glowing light of sunset and the sea water that brought them to life.

By looking more closely at details within the landscape, you can uncover a new world that would otherwise remain hidden from view. It’s a world that is different from the day to day view and requires more of an eagle eye. Yet, in uncovering such detail, you can uncover greater potential in making images. Another example of how photography can change the way you look at things – and this, in the end, will change you.


~ by paulsidle on July 10, 2010.

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