Experiments with my 50mm

Out of order light switch, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

Inspired by an article by Lee Frost in Black & White Photography Magazine, I thought I’d experiment with my 50mm lens while at home. The sunlight came through the windows and played delicately across the kitchen walls into the living room, caressing the fireplace and wood burner. There is something about the simplicity of these images that I like which work much better, I think, together than alone. They were not overly planned and I didn’t focus on the technical details to any degree – I just took what I liked the look of to see what it would look like when photographed (to paraphrase Gary Winogrand!). There was another article in B&W photography to do with metaphors and two of these images are also attempts at introducing metaphor into my photos. The pictures of the non-functioning light switch with a piece of tape warning against use and the broken clock (though without the title you wouldn’t know it was broken) make you question to what extent an object is defined by its function. You could, if going deeper (though perhaps this is too much…), ask whether these photos are a prompt for asking how, and why, you define yourself? Then again, they are just fun images, nothing too serious. But thinking about those two images, there is something about them that makes me want to question them and I think that’s the reason. Anyhow, it was good just to pick up the camera and play, as it’s a different sort of photography I would tend to do. Who knows, I might even take pictures of people one day…! Actually, I have some rather lovely images of my pregnant wife, but those are personal only (and she wouldn’t want the world to see them…actually, seeing as the world doesn’t see my blog, I’m sure they would be perfectly safe on here!).

I like my 50mm lens. The beautiful creamy texture it gives when at large apertures is so appealing and it opens up creative possibilities.

Anyway, here are the other images:


~ by paulsidle on July 14, 2010.

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