Moments later


Moments later, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

Moments later a microlite swept across the sea before gently climbing into the evening sky. I waved and he waved back. They were the only waves to be seen that evening, other than the gentle break of water illustrated here.

This too is from my trip to Dorset – having a little baby is doing wonders for my black and white baby photography (I’m doing a 365 project), but it’s proving a little harder to get out and photograph the landscape. Until then, it’s back through the files I go..

Which is turning out to be an interesting experience in itself. I’ve found a few images that I had previously dismissed, perhaps as my post processing skills have developed a little bit. Indeed, this was one of them. Even though compositionally, this image isn’t particularly that dynamic – looking straight out to sea with large rock in the foreground – I do really like the depth of colours and tones which I have managed to bring out.

I’m submitting this and a small number of other images from my trip to Dorset to Dorset Magazine – who knows, they may get published. Just in preparing the images for submission, I found myself re-processing them to try and pick up small defects I’d noticed or bring out better certain elements in the image. That’s the good thing about trying to have your photos published or entering competitions I think – as soon as you know they will be judged more critically than say on websites such as Flickr (although there are some very good critique groups like the Portfolio Pro), you start to be a lot more critical yourself. A couple of images I had planned to submit, on review, I have not. Anyhow, I’ll see how it goes.

I’ve just bought a copy of “The freelance photographer’s market handbook” as part of my general aim to get my images out there if I can. It helps keep the excitement going anyhow (until the rejection…) and if I sell one or two, it might help buy the odd nappy. And there are plenty of those that need buying.


~ by paulsidle on October 20, 2010.

One Response to “Moments later”

  1. Good luck with the submissions, and remember if they say no, it’s not a rejection, just a ‘no, thanks.’

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