Pockets and film

Door, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

There are a number of things this photograph has taught me. Or perhaps, better put, what it took to get this photo. The most important of these is that you shouldn’t put exposed film in your coat pocket for over a month before getting it developed. Fool that I am (my excuse is this is the first time I’ve shot with film really…sort of), I had one film completely ruined as it clearly wasn’t wrapped tight enough and one film partially ruined, though you can just about see some images. This photo, however, was on the roll of film I got developed within a few days. So, lesson learnt the hard way. Added to this lesson about film are the following:
– don’t put film in a Hasselblad (or any other camera for that matter) the wrong way round. They’re not designed to work that way…;
– think about using tape on the back of a Holga if you want it to stay on and not fall off ruining most of the film; and
– developing film at home is good fun, but it requires a bit more organisation than I have previously allowed it.
Despite these set-backs, I have found the process of shooting with film strangely enjoyable in a different way to digital. Note that I say different, not better. Both mediums have their advantages and disadvantages and I don’t see any need to enter the debate about which is better: it’s always struck me as rather futile to be honest. What I like about film is that it requires me to slow down a bit more (unless I want to burn a hole in my pocket) and there is a greater sense of anticipation as to what the images will look like (the flip side being the disappointment can also be greater!). That all said, I’m really just beginning to enjoy seeing how different cameras see the world and how I might use that in my images. The blurriness of the Holga, the compositional needs of the square format of the Hasselblad, the freedom of my digital Canon – all pretty much things achievable by each camera in themselves or by software, but I like the individuality.



~ by paulsidle on November 22, 2010.

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