Morning frost


Morning frost, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

This is pretty much my first landscape foray since my son was born about 3 months ago. One benefit is that waking up at dawn isn’t much of an issue with a new baby, so I was ready to go!

This image was taken just as the sun was rising between the gap in the trees and looks across Pen Ponds in Richmond Park. The water just in front of the frosted grass was a thin sheet of ice. Although cold, it was lovely to be outside at that time – one of those crisp, winter mornings.

I played with a number of compositions, but they didn’t quite work as well. Here was my first attempt:

It doesn’t work because I was too high above the grasses and I don’t feel it quite engages as well – I feel separated from the scene as a result.

For the final image, I splayed the tripod’s legs and got down low so that the frosty grass and the camera were almost at the same height. This wasn’t, I should add, done knowing that it would improve the picture at the time – I was just trying something different as I wasn’t satisfied with my previous effort. It helps, I think, bring you into the frame better and the gap in the trees seems to become more prominent. Perhaps had I waited a little longer, I think I might have managed to get the sun just as it appeared between the gap. However, I’m not sure if by then it would have been too bright. As it is, what I like about this photo is that the colours are not overly saturated and reflect what was a cold morning. There is an understated aspect to this sunrise, just a tiny display of morning beauty.

I’ve been using my 50mm lens exclusively for 3 months now for my photo a day project (otherwise known as my son!), so it felt quite strange to be using the wide angle again. However, I think the two disciplines – while different creatively – will each improve my photography generally.


~ by paulsidle on November 30, 2010.

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