What struck me as soon as I saw this scene were the frost circles which have been happily mirrored, to a small degree, by the cloud formations.

In fact, I went to this spot to try and photograph the three trees to the left of the frame – I know they have potential, but I have yet to realise it. Instead, it was clear to me that the frost circles had to take pride and place in this image. I had envisaged this originally as a colour photograph as the colours were subtle and not overly saturated (it was taken at about 9am). However, while attractive to me, the image in colour just didn’t quite work – I didn’t think it brought out the shapes in the grass and the clouds. This is it in colour (though without any post processing) by way of contrast:

So, not quite a success in terms of pre-visualisation but hopefully you’ll agree that the black and white is the better choice. At least, it better fits with what I had intended as the subject originally and that is perhaps most important. The black and white does, on the other hand, change the atmosphere too – it is a lot more broody than the colour image and I think almost more sinister: certainly not the feeling at that time. However, it’s an interpretation – while not true to my feelings at the time, does that matter? I could easily have felt differently and have been writing now about how the black and white reflects what I felt. I don’t think that an image should always try to represent the scene as you saw it and felt it at that time. Part of the enjoyment in photography – for me at least – is in realising a different layer of meaning later when coming to process the image. Who is to say that you are not just revealing subconscious feelings at that stage? Ultimately, I suppose all meaning is subjective and thus liable to change. The black and white forces a different interpretation than the colour – so be it. Maybe that’s the path to self-expression.


~ by paulsidle on December 2, 2010.

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