Telegraph poles in mist

Telegraph poles in mist, originally uploaded by Paul Sidle.

I spent some time in this field of grass considering how to make a composition with little visible in the distance. However, the mist was shifting and the sun occasionally burnt its way through, so I waited around.

My only lens at the moment is my 50mm (which I’ve been using every day for my 365 project of my son). It has been interesting to have to reset how I think about landscape photography when using it – it, literally, offers a new perspective. As there was little in this field (atop an incredibly steep hill in Devon!) to serve as a subject other than these telegraph poles, the choice was simple. As was too the decision to go for black and white.

I’ve taken a similar image with my Hasselblad which I will have developed for comparison (though my experience so far with film has not been great…and I’m not sure this one will turn out any better as the roll of film came slightly loose in my bag so has probably been ruined).

I applied a split tone to this image (using settings I’ll be using for a number of images which may hang together as a set) in Lightroom and then a strong contrast curve in Photoshop to bring out more of the tones in the grass. I tried various formats – portrait, landscape, 7×5 etc – but in the end settled for square. I think that probably works best here, though I’m still a little undecided as I quite like the landscape look too. Square does seem to suit the slightly off centre telegraph pole however I think.

Gitcombe in Devon (near Totnes).


~ by paulsidle on July 8, 2011.

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