London by Holga

I’ve recently begun a project of undetermined duration to photograph the City and thereabouts through the lens of my Holga and some Tri-x film. It’s something I’ve been doing so far at lunch on and off – it’s certainly a different style of photography for me and it’s interesting to notice how I gradually seek to adapt my usual process of taking pictures. The simplicity of the Holga and it’s fundamental lack of choice over lens aperture and shutter speed is actually quite refreshing. Although the film development costs are something to be wary of, it’s good just to wander and photograph what takes my fancy without too much worry about the final image. This is the first image in the collection and it’s called Carthusian Street. What I like about this is the softness the Holga’s plastic lens has given to the shot which the sunlight on the top of the building has accentuated. Of course, it’s that poster of a face on the door that took my eye and I like how the image has turned out (bearing in mind, composition is a bit hit and miss with the viewfinder not really showing the image to be recorded on the film).

Here’s some other images in the project so far:


~ by paulsidle on October 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “London by Holga”

  1. I really like this set of images; they have a dream like quality to them which makes them seem timeless… Nice work!

  2. Thanks for taking a look Badpanda22 and for sharing your thoughts on these images!

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